Greetings friends from fonda's feinGolden...

My significant human has allowed me this forum because frankly, I need a job. "Dressing up" her photos (I must note that I am a lot more photogenic than some...), doesn't keep me busy enough so she has asked me to help sort through email and field any questions that might come in.
Ask Stella - FAQs, "hot topics" - from new photoshop tricks to favorite flea remedies

I admit to spending a bit of time watching Cspan or those snobs at Westminster while she works like a dog (?!) on her music...
Visit my fave photos in the Stella By Starlight Room. Just click the image below...

Consulting with Uncle Al Varner
about "the mix".

Sometimes the studio is a pup-friendly environment and I"m allowed to tag along but those in authority suggest I may be responsible for all the tracking in and shedding on the equipment. When I am invited I try always to be forthcoming with a toy or paw so that I might be asked back - I guess I should do a special column on pet etiquette, or should that be, petiquette(!)...a winning approach to inclusion in an otherwise doggist setting.

        In memory of Ella, Quincy, Hank, Bert, Stella and Murphy --- R.I.P. sweet old dogs
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