Fonda Feingold began singing and playing the piano before she could reach the pedals. Born in Winthrop , Massachusetts, she was exposed to a wealth of musical influences that began to shape her style of writing and performing early on. Throughout her school years she performed with her older brothers and in various other bands and then went on to college with the ambition to become a concert pianist.
Eventually her inclination to write pop music eclipsed the lure of the classics and her songs attracted the attention of the music industry resulting in a solo album on the Polygram label entitled Fonda Feingold.
Unfortunately Fonda's critically acclaimed album was shelved along with a lot of other great music of its time. After a long legal battle she was able to record a self-produced EP ,"Finally". Fortunately "Finally" is no longer what seemed to be a self-fulfilling prophecy(!) and she has produced a new CD, "Before and After."
Fonda is alive and living in NYC and is a proud member of the "Lenox Sound Machine" a terrific rhythm section along with Richard Crooks on drums, Scott Spray on bass, John " Ratso " Gerardi on guitars. Her distinctive keyboard work and vocal arrangements can currently be heard on several new CD ' s coming out of Lenox Sound in Stamford Ct.